Current developments

Well, I haven’t updated this blog for some days… I’m moving to The Netherlands in a week, so I’ve been quite busy.

The new Firefox Showcase version is almost ready, but I got a bug report from a Windows Vista user, so I would like to solve it ASAP… I also want to prepare a “splash” page showing the most important feature of the 0.9.3: navigation buttons on thumbnail. This is not really new, since it was already implemented in Tab Sidebar, but it’s the first “previewing tool” to add it.

The “Speed Dial” extension for Firefox is still awaiting review in AMO… it takes quite a lot of time! It’s quite normal, since new extensions require an extensive review to verify that it doesn’t contain any spyware/malware/virus/etc. I’ve some quite good ideas for this extension, so I’ll keep working on it!

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