Nokia N800 mini-review

It has been almost a week since I received my new Nokia N800, and I have been using it quite a lot more than I expected!

At first I felt a little uncomfortable about not shutting it down, and just leave it there in “idle mode”, but once you get used to it, it’s really handy to access to the internet instantly. That is specially handy to check email during the morning. Why do I have to turn on my AMD Athlon X2 4800+ just to do that? Now is a lot more convenient for me to use my new “toy”. It’s not only about waiting a minute and half for it to boot, or the loudness of that computer’s fans, but also being able to walk with it, read email or news at the living room or anywhere you want.

The screen resolution is very adequate for regular browsing. The size is perhaps a little small, but the “toggle full screen” button, and the “zoom in”/”zoom out” buttons help a lot in that. The browsing experience has been quite nice, and the tablet has real multitasking, so the radio (internet or normal one!) can be used at the same time. In the end, the experience is so close to the “real thing”, and the only problem I’ve had is with Google Analytics (the Flash will be shown, but no data will be loaded). Anyways, that might be solved in future firmware updates.

I was surprised at the ability of this device to detect whether you’re using the stylus or the fingers. However, I find myself using the stylus a lot more, since it will take about one third of the screen, while the finger virtual keypad takes 100% of it. The only problem I’ve had with the stylus virtual keypad is that I find myself accidentally clicking on the “suggestions” instead of the “space” key…

It might be a little early to say, but I believe that the 400€ I spent in this device are worth it. Yes, there are a cheaper devices that use Windows Mobile, and that can include other features (phone, GPS, infrared…). However, the “Internet Tablet” provides exactly what it says: a complete web browser at the top of your hand.

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