Nokia N95 reviewed

Seems that Nokia is already shipping the powerful N95! It has been already reviewed at “”, “” (only music capabilities) and “”. They were quite positive… although it’s not as good camera as a dedicated camera, as good mp3 player as a dedicated mp3 player, or as good GPS as a dedicated GPS, it packs a lot of functionality in a rather small package. Unfortunately, there’s is a big problem with this phone: the battery life.

As a power user, I would understand that using the many features of this phone will drain it’s battery fast enough, but having to charge it everyday sounds a lot like what people had to do with first generation mobile phones. It seems that the phone will use quite a lot of battery even while it’s not in use (”idle mode”), so hopefully things can improve with a firmware update. Anyways, if you buy this phone (or “multimedia computer” as Nokia likes to call it), never forget to charge your phone.

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