So, what’s going on?

Oh well… I won’t have internet at home until June 9th. However, I’m still working in the new release for Speed Dial. I think I’ll be able to make the new release around June 1st, since I’ll go back to my old place. It should include thumbnail refreshing and editing. Quite a lot of people have been suggesting new features, and those will be added… However, I made my top priority to work out the most difficult one, and from there I’ll add more things.

This weekend I’ve been visiting Amsterdam… quite interesting city! :) I’m staying at “Holiday Inn Amsterdam”, and it’s really good hotel with a good price. There’s network port in the room, but unfortunately I didn’t bring my laptop with me. Oh well, I don’t even know if they offer internet for free… in the main hall there are a couple of computers, but the price is 0.35 euros… per minute!! Other than that, the food is good, the room is clean, and the people are nice.

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