Safari for Windows

Today Steve Jobs has announced a version of Safari for Windows (Safari is the built-in Mac web browser). That version is currently a beta, but I just installed it and seems to work quite well.
However, in my opinion, it’s no Firefox killer… at least not for my needs. In his speech, Steve claimed it to be a lot faster, but I don’t have any performance issue with Firefox. Indeed, Firefox seemed to download web pages faster.
Things I don’t like (from more important to less important):

  • No site icons in tabs!
  • Window resize… can only be resized by using the bottom right corner.
  • No middle click scrolling.
  • It looks (and behaves) so different to the rest of applications I’ve installed.
  • No extensions. Not that I use a lot of them in Firefox, but it’s good to have the possibility to use them.
  • No search engine icons… Again, not really necessary, but I like them.
  • Non-customizable toolbar.
  • No status bar by default (no way to see the link where you’re hovering on).

Things I like:

  • Progress bar integrated in location bar. Yes, you may get that also in Firefox using an extension, but I think that Safari was the first browser to include this feature.
  • Find bar. It’s similar to Firefox (probably they took their inspiration from there?), but I think it’s useful to darken the page in order to highlight the result. Would be handy to have a small slider to decide the ammount.
  • File chooser, which looks less 90’s than the competition.
  • Text aliasing. I guess it’s a matter of taste… it looks “bolder” than IE or Firefox, but I think that this makes it easier and faster to read.
  • Improved JavaScript performance? Well, if Steve says that, we’ll have to take his word!

In conclusion: I’ll keep Firefox as my main browser. However, if I would decide to implement an application for the iPhone, it’s good to keep it. I really hope they’ll release it in Europe soon… :)

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