Speed Dial 0.3 released

Last night I uploaded a new version of Speed Dial to Showcase’s download page. For now, I decided not to publish it in AMO. The reason is that I feel that this version “feels” a bit half baked to me, mainly because of the lack of dynamic site icon loading. I’ll be adding this, plus some other important features, in version 0.3.5 (hopefully it will take just a few days).

One reason why I wanted to publish it now is to have some feedback: does it work well? Do you feel slowdowns? Extension incompatibility? It seems to work well for me, but if you try it, and see anything weird, please contact me and help me help you ;)
I’m quite proud of the new architecture of the application; I’m quite sure that my “background loading” feature is a first for Firefox!
After that, well, I got quite a lot of feature suggestions, and I’m glad to say that they’ll be quite easy to implement. I’ve quite a lot of ideas that can make this extension really good and useful, and as Showcase users will know, I’m quite persistent when it comes to add new things :)

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