Long time no see!

Uhm… I really should post to this blog more often. In any case, I’ve been quite busy. For instance, I made a website for Speed Dial, and released a new version for it. That version contains some bug fixes, and some new locales!

Today, Firefox 3 Alpha 6 has been released! I spent some time using it, and it “feels” quite a lot faster than Firefox 2. Good job, Mozilla! I tested Firefox Showcase and Speed Dial on it, with mixed results. The current Speed Dial version shows an error message when using the background browser, but after some hacking I managed to fix it, so the next release will be 100% compatible. For Showcase there is a big problem with the thumbnail layout. This is because an issue that I reported in Bugzilla about half a year ago, but now the problem is even worse :( Oh well… I hope they’ll solve it. One way or another, Showcase will be available for Firefox 3 on release!

I’ve a couple of new extensions in mind… Speed Dial still needs a lot of work, so that will be my main focus, but I can use a change of pace :)

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