New extension: Link Reporter

Yesterday I posted a new extension to AMO: Link Reporter!

What it does is easy: place your mouse cursor over a link, and after a little while a tooltip will appear with information about that link. Usually it will be only the URL, but in the case the destination page is not an HTML page, other information will appear, like the type, size and last modification date.

It also adds a few more features: more information will appear as tooltip (by using the “ALT” attributes), and the link tooltip will change color in the case the destination site is a web forgery (”phishing”).

It’s a functionality I wanted to have and that I find useful, so I decided to publish it because probably someone else will think the same :)
To get it, go to the Showcase download site, or to the AMO extension’s page (although it will be in the “sandbox” for a long while, so you need to log in).

I’m already working in the new Speed Dial version. For now, I improved the “open in new blank tabs” functionality. Next I’ll add faster Speed Dial tab loading, and I will hopefully be able to add configurable number of thumbnails in the next release… Hopefully next weekend!

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2 Responses to New extension: Link Reporter

  1. donald says:

    it can’t autoload in a new blank tab and window.

    • admin says:

      Yes, it can! Go to the Speed Dial settings panel, and in the “Main” tab check the “automatic load” options.
      By default it will load in blank new windows; if it doesn’t load when Firefox starts, it’s probably because it’s loading the home page, so the window is not considered a new one; just set Firefox to open a blank page when it starts, or set the home page to:

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