Speed Dial’s new release coming soon

I’m actively working in Speed Dial, and I hope to have the new release finished in a week. However, before the release I’ll send it to the translators, so it should take 2 weeks.

Hopefully I’ll be able to include the ability to configure the number of thumbnails. This is something a lot of people have been asking me, but it’s not trivial to implement… Anyways, I’m quite sure I’ll be able to pull it out.

I already included some nice features: plugins are disabled by default in the background browser, and I added some buttons in the thumbnails for easy access to the different actions (although only “reload” will be visible by default).

Of course, I’ll take care of the reported issues, so I’m quite sure that people will be happy with the new release :)

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2 Responses to Speed Dial’s new release coming soon

  1. TomBo says:

    I just downloaded Speed Dial and it seems great at first glance — much better than Fast Dial, although that was very good too.

    I thought I saw a version with a BLACK background, but when i went back to look for it — I could not find it! Did I imagine this or is it a version that is floating around out there somewhere.

    By the way, having the button (in the upper right corner) is one of the BEST ideas of all! Crucial…

    But let me know about any possible black version.

    Thanks! Wonderful project!!!! 🙂 9-5-08

  2. zoras says:

    Hey Mr. Pep,

    I had been using Speed Dial for a while now which was great. But suddenly, my firefox crashed don’t know how. All my addons were gone which were reinstalled automatically by firefox when i started it the next time.

    My bookmarks were also gone but thanks to foxmarks i had it all restored. But, I had about 100 Speed Dials which disappeared in this accident. Although the speed dial menu showed up in Bookmarks tab, it’s not compatile with foxmarks.

    So, I would kindly request you to do something about this problem maybe you could ask the developers of foxmarks to add Speed Dial in their backup list or even better if you can embed the speed dial bookmarks into firefox bookmarks (foxmark compatible).

    I had added some of the best websites in speed dial. Now, with all of them gone as i can’t remember most of them, I am back to where I have started. So, untill you resolve this problem I consider not using Speed Dial cause who knows that it may happen again.

    Your quick action may be benificial for all,

    Thanks and Best of Luck

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