Kind of busy…

Well, here I am, updating my blog again! I’ve been way too busy between my “real life” job and updating my extensions (not all of them, just Showcase and, specially, Speed Dial).

First of all, I was quite surprised to see a new extension that also tries to bring Opera’s Speed Dial functionality to Firefox. Nothing new there… I would be concerned otherwise :) If an idea is good, there’ll be at least a couple of extensions trying to do the same! In any case, I think competition is always good for users. During the last few weeks I’ve been updating Speed Dial, and although I had a serious issue (an incompatibility with IE Tab that rendered the location bar unusable), I could fix some long standing bugs, and improve most of the aspects of the extension.

However, in Firefox 2 people complained about the lack of quality in the new version… the last version (which I keep posting here in order not to upset Speed Dial’s users with constant updates) adds a configuration parameter to use the old method, but I’m not really happy with it. I’m considering adding a dialog when installing Speed Dial that will allow two sets of settings, depending of what the user wants: speed or quality.

Also, I’m considering of submitting Speed Dial to the Extend Firefox 2 contest :) I’m sure I’ll not be as lucky as the last time, but it will be fun.

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