Google Chrome impressions

Google Chrome has just been released, and I’ve been playing with it for a while. Well, I’m quite impressed with the browser’s speed! The UI has also quite a lot of things “made right”: the autocomplete works very well, the status bar is hidden most of the time, the search has highlightning on by default, there’s a “new tab” button at the end of the tab bar, their “new tab” default page is very useful…

However, it also has some annoyances:the most important, for me, is the lack of “auto scroll”, clicking the middle button and enter the browsers “scroll mode”.

Also, the search highlightning seems to apply with “alpha channel”; it works well if the background is white, but if it’s black it makes things difficult to see. In Firefox, the colors will show a lot better.

I took the time to examine the browser’s files to see how feasible it would be to make an extension. I could see that the front end of their “DOM Inspector” is made with HTML and JS (found those files inside the “Resources” folder), but other than that, I saw that most of their functionality is implemented through DLL libraries, meaning that it will probably not be easy to develop extensions for it, if at all.

In any case, I think they made a very nice job, there… but I believe that it’s more of a Opera clone more than Firefox’s. Of course, they’ve the brand and the hype to push it to a lot of users, so this one is here to stay (unlike Safari for Windows).

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  1. Ross Douglas says:

    Just a wee note to say I love the speed dial thang. Damn fine work.

  2. Bobby Boe says:

    2 short little questions / featurewishes for speeddial.

    1. Is there a way to save my links to my harddrive?
    2. would be nice to be able to use the links independently from firefox.

    I have to use other browsers aswell, would be nice to have
    my links accesable with Chrome aswell, and to have the possibilty
    to save the links to harddrive…. (by the way…where are they right now,
    on a server?…if so…I will be seperated from all my links when the server should be down… happened to me last week with a personal-link-page in the Internet called “persstart”
    best regards

  3. Uncle Bri says:

    I love the way you have developed this app from a single page Opera/Chrome into something that is ground breaking. I have shown people how to use favorites/bookmarks and normally they never use them but countless times when someone has seen my computer menu with links to websites and a tab to all the programs I use they all say the same thing, “I want that!, it’s great!”.

    At the moment I am using a 7×6 dial grid and 24 tabs/groups and it works flawlessly, a truly well written very polished application, many congratulations and a big thank you.

    I don’t know if you have noticed this link about google chrome/chromium that I came across today it looks like it might take a little time before it’s ready for extensions.

    Congratulations and many thanks once more,

  4. Ralph Garcia says:


    this is Ralph Garcia, and I have a problem I can’t seem to solve….

    You know how when I click your link, it’s supposed to open up a web page for, say, G-Mail. And a letter would be right there ready for you to fill in, with a link to the web page I was just on

    Well, when I click a link that is supposed to open up a g-mail page, ready to deliver a message,.it opens up the speed dial page instead.

    I have no idea why it does that! It’s supposed to go right to G-Mail

    Other programs like AOL, have a little icon above every web page that will open up an empty letter, ready to be delivered, with the link to the web page you were on, already in the letter.

    If I want to do that in FireFox I can’t. I can’t get it to open up into anything but the speed dial page…Can you help me?…Thanks, Ralph

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