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Wow, first post in more than 2 years! Talk about a dead blog.

Part of the reason why I didn’t update more frequently was because this blog was originally meant just for Firefox Showcase, so it “kinda” felt bad to write about other things. So, I just moved the blog to a new address,! The original address will redirect here for a while.

Although I haven’t updated this blog, I certainly have been updating Firefox Showcase and Speed Dial, although not in any “radical” way; I had my hands quite full between job, studies and life. A few months ago me and my coworkers got a voluntary severance package offer, and I decided to take it… so now I’m already back to Spain, and I plan to spend the next months completing my Master’s degree.

During the last couple of years, I’ve received quite a lot of feature requests for Speed Dial, specially things like password-protected groups and online synchronization; unfortunately, those things are not easy with the current architecture of the application, as there are quite a lot of things I didn’t foresee when I created it, plus Firefox now has a lot more features available. So, in a week or so I’ll release a minor revision of Speed Dial, with some bug fixes, and after that I’ll start working on Speed Dial 1.0 , which will be a major revision.

I expect this revision to take 1-2 months; it won’t be a rewrite, and the user interface won’t really change from the one people got used to, but it will be better; more reliable, faster, will handle a lot larger number of assigned websites with ease, and will have the features I mentioned before: password protected (encrypted) groups, and online synchronization, plus some things I’ve been thinking of that will make it simply better.

I’ll also try to finally update one of my other extensions: MultiSidebar. Although it never was a very popular extension, some users really loved it, so I’ll finally take it to the latest Firefox version πŸ™‚

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  1. Martin says:


    great to hear, that you start developing 1.0 of Speed Dial! I really like your add-on and have used it for more than one year. While you are on developing it: could you somehow repair the broken shortcut-dialogue? What I mean is: I’m a Mac user and the shortcuts in the options menue aren’t labeled correctly and they don’t work as expected when using them. Because of a Mac OS X feature called spaces the “control + number” – option isn’t usable. The “alt + number”-Version works best. It seems that the “alt” key AND the “CMD” key are both mapped as “alt” in speed dial (the expected shortcut would be CMD key + number, because everything works like that. CMD on Macs is like the Control key on Windows machines). But there is a problem with these brackets: “[ ] { }” because they are done by pressing “alt”and a corosponding number. This means with speed dial I can’t write any of these symbols: β€žΒ‘β€œΒΆΒ’[]|{}β‰ ΒΏ’
    It would be great if you could “kill” that bug with the next version. πŸ™‚
    You can email me if you need further information.

    • Pep says:

      Sure, I’ll fix that in the next release; although this is quite simple, the big problem here is that it’s a change that requires user interface message changes, and those need to be localized in all languages, so I limit this kind of changes to major releases like the one I’ll start working soon πŸ™‚
      Also,now I have a Mac computer at home, so I can test things there… for instance, I noticed that there was some strange spacing between the buttons in the thumbnails, and it will be fixed in the version I’ll be publishing next week.

  2. Martin says:

    Awesome! I apreciate that. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  3. wOxxOm says:

    when SpeedDial opens a blank tab the firefox window flashes for a few milliseconds with its default (white here) tab-window background, then it’s changed to gray. The flashing makes FF look unpolished.

    Here’s a trick to change tab-window background:

    @namespace url(""); /* set default namespace to XUL */
    tabbrowser tabpanels{ background-color: #YOUR_RGB_COLOR !important; }

    I wonder if the author could incorporate this into his SpeedDial extension.

    • Pep says:

      I’ll see what can be done; unfortunately, your solution wouldn’t work on Firefox 4, but I’ll investigate alternative solutions.

  4. Ina Bliss says:

    Hi Martin!

    How are you?

    Have used your add-on extension for a while now, and it seems I can’t get along without it. It’s just great!!!!!!

    Since Firefox kept crashing on me for the last few days, I finally made the switch to Chrome. There, I’ve imported the speed-dial settings from the exported .html file, but those bookmarks have now reverted to the old type of bookmarks ledger format.

    Is there a way to import the file directly into the speed-dial extension for Chrome yet?

    Can you help?



    • Pep says:

      No, I’m afraid Speed Dial for Chrome is completely unrelated to the Firefox version. I may work on a version for Chrome later, but it’s not possible to make a simple port, as some things just can’t be implemented with the current Chrome extension API.

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