New Speed Dial version

First of all, the version I uploaded to AMO has a bug that makes the “Group dials” point to an incorrect tab; this is fixed in version, available here. If you don’t know what “group dials” is, or don’t use it, you don’t need to upgrade 🙂

Version has minor improvements; crop selector will scale the selection along with the “scaling” factor, the color selector widget has been improved and, most importantly, the tabs are now independent from the theme.

The Speed Dial group tabs used the standard tab widget from Firefox; this has the advantage that it integrates perfectly with the OS and theme. The problem is that it wasn’t great for coloring, and it had serious problems when a lot of tabs were defined; to solve that, I tried to add some hacks here and there, but in the end I’ve decided to go for two modes: an enhanced tab widget fully skinned by Speed Dial (this is the default), and a “native” one. The option to toggle this is available in the Speed Dial settings panel, “Advanced” tab, “Use browser theme in group tabs” checkbox.

So, in a week I’ll start working on Speed Dial 1.0; I’ll be posting updates on its progress!

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