I’m back!

It has been more than a month since I last updated my blog. I’ve been quite busy, and nothing really interesting was going on, so I didn’t find the time for it. I definitely should update it more often, though :)

The last couple of days I’ve been working in the next Firefox Showcase update (0.9.4). It’s biggest change is an improved zoom mode specially designed with the Showcase sidebar in mind. Basically, it will show the thumbnail you zoom in at 100%, and when you scroll through it using the arrows, it will smartly decide whether to change the view of the current website, or scroll it. I think it’s useful, specially for sidebar users, since zoom mode was pretty useless for them, before. This mode will also be available on Showcase window and tab modes, but disabled by default.

Another thing I would like to add to the zoom mode is the interactivity with the thumbnail found in the “Tab Scope”. Basically, it means that you would be able to click on the links of the page represented by the thumbnail without the need to show it first in the browser and then click the link. Shouldn’t be difficult to implement! However, I cannot promise that it will be included in the next release. Firefox 3 alpha 8 will be released before September 18th, and I want to post an update very soon after that supporting it.

By the way, some time ago I posted about Firefox Showcase being included in Zonbu, and now I found the confirmation of that. Well, I’m really happy to see my extension distributed by default with Firefox :)

About Speed Dial, I’ll work in a minor release for this month. I already improved the “drag & drop” (so dragging a dial over another dial will exchange them, not overwrite), and I want to try to solve some issues. I’ve a list of features that I “promised” to implement, but that needs time and updated translations, so it will have to wait a little (hopefully, next month).

I’ve been thinking on updating my MultiSidebar extension. There’s some incompatibility with some extensions, the web panel doesn’t work as it should, and I’ve some ideas to make it better. However, I don’t think that many people uses it, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it.

Well, basically that’s it for now! :) Although I guess that most people that visit this blog expect information about my Firefox extensions, I want to update it more often with topics not related to that… now, if only I would write more than a post per month! :P

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Website problems

Funny… I got a spam comment, and I noticed that the title of this blog now was “Hacked by … ” :) My hosting provider had some problems lately, so I’m wondering if this is linked to an attack of some kind.

The new version of Speed Dial will be released very soon.Right now I’m waiting for a couple of translations to be finished! I’m quite proud of this new version, although I couldn’t fit it everything I wanted to. The release after the next one will focus in improving the configuration for the different input methods, so people will be able to configure the different actions for mouse and keyboard actions.

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Speed Dial’s new release coming soon

I’m actively working in Speed Dial, and I hope to have the new release finished in a week. However, before the release I’ll send it to the translators, so it should take 2 weeks.

Hopefully I’ll be able to include the ability to configure the number of thumbnails. This is something a lot of people have been asking me, but it’s not trivial to implement… Anyways, I’m quite sure I’ll be able to pull it out.

I already included some nice features: plugins are disabled by default in the background browser, and I added some buttons in the thumbnails for easy access to the different actions (although only “reload” will be visible by default).

Of course, I’ll take care of the reported issues, so I’m quite sure that people will be happy with the new release :)

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Firefox Showcase included in Zonbu

Today I found out in an article in MozillaLinks that Firefox Showcase is included in Zonbu, a new Linux-based PC that costs only $99. Showcase is the only included extension, together with an unnamed parental control extension (probably developed by them), and the Mostly Crystal theme.

It was a big surprise to find out about that in the news, and I’m really thrilled that they decided to include my software in their device. Now, can I get one of those boxes for “testing purposes”? :)

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Busy life…

I’ve been quite busy lately, but I found time to work on a new Speed Dial release. I planned to add customizable number of thumbnails for this release, but that will need new translations, and I think I would like to make a new release before that.  I really like the changes of the new version, and I’m sure that Speed Dial users will like them too :) Expect a new release this weekend.

This August I’m planning to update the mobile phone games on uWorks, and offer them for free! They’re simple and fun, so I hope people will enjoy them.

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New extension: Link Reporter

Yesterday I posted a new extension to AMO: Link Reporter!

What it does is easy: place your mouse cursor over a link, and after a little while a tooltip will appear with information about that link. Usually it will be only the URL, but in the case the destination page is not an HTML page, other information will appear, like the type, size and last modification date.

It also adds a few more features: more information will appear as tooltip (by using the “ALT” attributes), and the link tooltip will change color in the case the destination site is a web forgery (”phishing”).

It’s a functionality I wanted to have and that I find useful, so I decided to publish it because probably someone else will think the same :)
To get it, go to the Showcase download site, or to the AMO extension’s page (although it will be in the “sandbox” for a long while, so you need to log in).

I’m already working in the new Speed Dial version. For now, I improved the “open in new blank tabs” functionality. Next I’ll add faster Speed Dial tab loading, and I will hopefully be able to add configurable number of thumbnails in the next release… Hopefully next weekend!

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Showcase and Firefox 3

After some tests, I can report that the bug I talked on the previous post is solved in 3.0a6. Still, I needed to add a few lines to make Showcase work well in Firefox 3, but it’s working… and really well! I was concerned about that, but next version of Showcase will have full support for Gran Paradiso betas :)

Also, I’ve been working in a new extension, and is almost finished. You may want to visit this blog on Sunday, since I’ll publish the first version by then. It’s something small, but quite handy!

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Long time no see!

Uhm… I really should post to this blog more often. In any case, I’ve been quite busy. For instance, I made a website for Speed Dial, and released a new version for it. That version contains some bug fixes, and some new locales!

Today, Firefox 3 Alpha 6 has been released! I spent some time using it, and it “feels” quite a lot faster than Firefox 2. Good job, Mozilla! I tested Firefox Showcase and Speed Dial on it, with mixed results. The current Speed Dial version shows an error message when using the background browser, but after some hacking I managed to fix it, so the next release will be 100% compatible. For Showcase there is a big problem with the thumbnail layout. This is because an issue that I reported in Bugzilla about half a year ago, but now the problem is even worse :( Oh well… I hope they’ll solve it. One way or another, Showcase will be available for Firefox 3 on release!

I’ve a couple of new extensions in mind… Speed Dial still needs a lot of work, so that will be my main focus, but I can use a change of pace :)

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Speed Dial 0.3.3 released

It was about time! I uploaded the new version on AMO (although it will probably take some days until it’s available), and also uploaded it on Showcase’s website.

Finally today I could spend a few hours on the extension, and managed to implement a couple of important things: dynamic loading of site icon (although it doesn’t work for a few sites, but will work on that later), and drag and drop reordering/creation.

I forgot to implement some kind of import/export functionality, but it will be in the next version for sure. Other things I’ll be working on are configurable number of thumbnails, more configurable options (including some nice ones for the thumbnail aspect), better handling of thumbnail refresh when the connection fails (now it shows an alert), and some kind of alert system when a website in Speed Dial has been updated.

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In progress

Haven’t had too much time to work on Speed Dial lately… anyways, I hope I can spend some time on it soon, so I can finish the features that I already discussed in previous posts. On the bright side, today I could work on Showcase; I added more intelligent code for navigation icons, so they won’t overlap even if there’s not enough space.

One thing I should start working on is full compatibility with Firefox 3. There’s a bug in the alpha versions that will require me to do some important changes… I would like to avoid that, but in any case, I’m sure I can make it work.

This August I’ll have quite a lot of time to work on my personal projects. For instance, I plan to release some of my old mobile phone games for free! The only problem is that they need to be updated for the current Java implementation, but I don’t think it will hard.

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